The Day I Realized My Daughter Was the One Who Was Stressed Out

I sat there are the kitchen looking at  my baby faced second grader, tears in her eyes as she told me that she was really worried about the middle of the year test which was scheduled for four days away. With a knot in my chest i asked “So, you are really worried about that test aren’t you” and  with that my seven year old bowed her head, blonde hair obscuring my view of her face. I then hear a muffled sob,  “yes”,  come out from the curtain of hair. She ran away, before I could even use any of my empathetic listening skills.




Before this was a weekend long crescendo of emotions, ranging from anger, disappointment, and lots of sadness. I went up to her room to find her hiding under her covers, her face already beginning to swell from her burst of emotions and flood of tears.

Slowly, her fears fell at my feet, as she lay on her bed looking to me, still like a toddler. The Beginning of the Year math test was haunting her. She had made a high grade, but not a one hundred like the three kids in the other 2nd grade class. She felt she had let her teacher, her class, and herself down. Now, she was feeling unprepared for the Middle of the Year math test because she “sometimes messing up” her counting.
That night, after she had fallen asleep I did a  little research via google, like any good millennial mommy. I found that around 70% of elementary school kids have stress. So much for reminiscing about the days of childhood being full of play and wonder – that just isn’t the case for a lot of school-aged kids these days.

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I knew that as I was getting older my stress levels were getting higher but i didn’t realize that was the same for my daughter.


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